Our Story

As a child growing up on Cape Cod, Claudia Carey Batz was fascinated by all things crafty. Some of her earliest memories are of picking bayberries in the woods near her house as a very small child. She remembers the smell when her mother cooked the bayberries over their old kitchen stove, skimming the aromatic wax off the surface of the steaming water to make holiday candles as gifts. When her mother passed away unexpectedly, Claudia stayed connected to her memory by sifting through a treasured antique Victorian book on herbalism and fortune telling from the 1890s that had belonged to her.

As a teen and young adult, Claudia became obsessed with all things natural. She spent her allowance on organic herbs, supplements and beauty products at the local health food store. Her first job was as a produce assistant at Erewhon Natural Foods on Newbury Street in Boston. Again spending every spare dime on ingredients, Claudia’s favorite crafty hobby was to create custom-made aromatherapy intention kits for friends. These whimsical kits had names like “True Love”, “Prosperity”, and “Psychic Detox” and contained handmade candles, herbal teas, bath salts, natural perfume oils and incense to use in playful personal rituals aimed at making life a little happier, a little prettier, a little more fun. The hobby stuck with her through college and the years of working 18-hours-days as a writer and indie filmmaker in Los Angeles.

Moving to Portland as new parents, Claudia and her husband struggled to think of a way to earn a living that would finally allow them to work their own hours and be hands-on parents to their infant son. After decades of being a secret hobby, creating delicious natural perfumery, body care and facial care products finally became a full time job. Enlisting her husband, Adam, as the sales and operations arm of the company, the two became for the first time a true family company.

Today Valentina’s Naturals products are sold in nearly 1000 stores nationwide. While we still make everything in small batches, we also employ top-level cosmetic formulators who have worked everywhere from St. Ives to Aveda to Chanel. From our facility in Portland, Oregon, we make some of the purest, most powerful natural skincare products available in the world today. And, yes, you will still find natural perfume blends with names like True Love and Soul Detox, made locally and sustainably, using the finest natural and organic ingredients available. We are thrilled to have you explore our family’s brand and hope you love our products as much as we love making them.

In gratitude,

Claudia & Adam Batz